Happy Birthday to Palace Green Homes!

5 years supporting frontline services
Kings Row, Ely
Kings Row, Ely. ©Palace Green Homes
Kings Row, Ely
Kings Row, Ely. ©Palace Green Homes

Back in 2016, in the face of a difficult financial position for Councils across the country, East Cambs District Council set up East Cambs Trading Company (ECTC) to protect and support the District Council’s frontline services. ECTC is 100% owned by the District Council (or put another way, it is owned by you as taxpayers) and runs Ely Markets, the Parks & Open Spaces Team and its property section, Palace Green Homes.

Palace Green Homes works at arms length from the District Council to help develop affordable, high quality, community led housing in the district.

Over the past 5 years, Palace Green Homes has:

  • Built and refurbished 81 homes, with 32 of these being affordable
  • Provided 32 affordable homes to local people through three Community Land Trusts (CLTs) – homes are reserved for local people with ties to the area
  • Delivered £1.6m in financial benefits for East Cambridgeshire District Council, supporting frontline services
  • Secured a pipeline of projects that, subject to planning, will deliver 236 homes by 2023
  • Provider wider asset development support for East Cambridgeshire District Council, delivering new car parking facilities in Ely and Littleport and a planning permission for the former swimming pool site in Ely

This helps to deliver the Council’s promise to be “commercial for community benefit”.

You can read Palace Green Homes’ 2020/21 Annual Report here