How we spent the £1m Ely Market Town Strategy Funding

Collaborative working between our long serving Conservative Ely District Councillor Lis Every, and officers at the District Council enabled several bids to be produced. These were subsequently agreed by the City of Ely Council during consultation, and were supported by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.
Steeple Row improvements, Cllr Lis Every
Steeple Row improvements, Cllr Lis Every
Upgrading Steeple Row

We have at last had agreement on how this vital area between the Cathedral and the High Street can be improved.  The funding from the Market Town Strategy provided the final part of the funding required.   With  joint funding, and by working together, our councillors and officers at the District Council, the City of Ely Council, the Cathedral and representatives from Ely Perspective this area will be much improved in the run up to summer.  

This also forms part of the upgrading of the town centre from the same Market Town Strategy fund which will include painting the lampposts, and replacing the waste bins and street furniture.  The next phase will be a fund offered to landlords for grants to improve their frontage – all in time hopefully to welcome not only local visitors but the increasing number of tourists over the summer period.  All of this work will help to ensure our City remains vibrant and a really nice place to live, work, spend leisure time and visit.  

Digital Connectivity

Digital Connectivity will link up the City of Ely enabling easy access for our visitors and digital signs will be sensitively placed around the City in order to ensure our visitors do not miss any of our heritage sights, shops or numerous hostelries.  These will replace the old signs (often out of date) providing an up to date information service which will support not only the visitor experience but also enable our businesses to benefit from the footfall with up to date communications and events.