Supporting community safety

The safety and well-being of our community is a matter of extreme importance to us.

Only Conservative District councillors work directly with the strategic Community Safety Partnership Board which is an agency partnership. These partners are the police, the fire service, representatives from the NHS, mental health, probationary service, youth, social housing and the District and County Council.   Its remit is to work on an Action Plan which has identified who and where there are issues of risk and vulnerability, and works with communities and agencies to respond to anti-social behaviour and safety issues, including domestic violence, county lines, mental health, youth provision, scams and graffiti.  

The Partnership has a Problem Solving Group which works on solving local problems.  More complex issues are escalated to the Delivery Group who form Task and Finish Groups that create action plans and attract funding. 

Only our councillors work directly with the Partnership Board:

  • Lis Every (Ely East) is the Chair of the Board, 
  • Jo Webber (Littleport) is Vice Chair of the Delivery Group working to the Board which overseas Task and Finish Groups working on collaborative solutions to local problems and operating our grant scheme. 
  • Christine Ambrose Smith (Littleport) and Alan Sharp (Bottisham) are members of the Board.

CCTV coverage is key to our community safety.  Funding from the £1m market town strategy was awarded to the City of Ely Council via the District from the CPCR to enable a full upgrade of the present scheme that covers the main areas of the City with additional funds to extend this service to the riverside, station and the Hive.