Ely West By-election at East Cambs District Council: 18th April 2024

Due to the resignation of a Councillor for Ely West (Lib Dem) a by-election has been called. Polling day is 18th April 2024.
Ely Needs a Conservative Voice at the District Council


Due to the resignation of a Councillor for Ely West (Lib Dem) a by-election has been called; polling day is 18th April 2024.


Dear Resident,


I LOVE Ely and East Cambridgeshire, having lived in the district all my life, and have worked hard as both a District and County Councillor for our area for nearly 13 years.

Ely doesn’t currently have a Conservative voice at the District Council and I think it needs one! I would welcome the chance to represent you.

The current Lib Dem District Councillor for Ely West has resigned, having only attended 3 meetings in 11 months.

The Lib Dem led County Council, propped up by Labour, has imposed a blanket 20mph speed limit on Ely without proper consultation; the decision was taken at a meeting the public couldn’t even attend.  The roads are a mess under the Lib Dems and Labour, and they tried to bring in Congestion Charging in Cambridge.  What anti-car measures will they try to force through next?

I was a District Councillor from 2011 to 2023 where Conservatives have frozen the East Cambs part of Council Tax bills for 11 years and continued with free parking for Ely centre.  I am still a serving County Councillor.

I am currently working with Lucy Frazer MP and other Conservatives to restore a full timetable for the Number 9 bus from Littleport–Ely–Cambridge — it is outrageous that the Labour Mayor has increased his Council Tax precept by 200% whilst allowing services to be cut.  I am also working to get more money for road maintenance in East Cambs.  With my Conservative colleagues at the District Council we will keep funding and delivering new community facilities, like the excellent St Mary’s Surgery upgrade and the Ely Museum improvements.

I need YOUR help to give Ely the Conservative voice it needs and would ask you to please consider voting for me on 18th April — I can’t do it without you!


David Ambrose Smith

Conservative Candidate for Ely West
Stand up for Ely against the Lib Dem / Labour WAR ON MOTORISTS
Vote for David AMBROSE SMITH for a strong Conservative voice for Ely on 18th April 2024
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