David Ambrose Smith, candidate for Ely West

Following the resignation of a Councillor for Ely West (Lib Dem), a by-election has been called for 18th April 2024.

Read our candidate David Ambrose Smith’s statement.

2023 Manifesto
East Cambs Conservatives record of action and our promise for more:
Our record
  • Campaigned hard against the Cambridge Congestion Charge, and supported the petition for a referendum
  • Frozen the District Council element of Council Tax for 10 years with no cuts to services
  • Delivered £3.6m support to the Council’s budget through East Cambs Trading Company
  • Kept FREE car parking in our town and city centre car parks
  • Worked with the Police on a new Road Safety enforcement role to control illegal car parking and speeding
  • Supported Community Land Trusts and secured £100k homes to deliver new genuinely affordable homes
  • £2.3m for nine fantastic new community projects
  • Identified nine areas for a biodiversity boost
  • We’re installing solar panels on buildings and EV charging points in Council car parks and purchasing new low emission waste lorries
  • Developed a Cycling and Walking Strategy and funded studies for priority routes
  • Developed a Bus Prospectus and helped to save the axed Stagecoach bus services
Our Promise
  • We’ll work tirelessly to STOP the Lib Dems, Labour and Independents from bringing in the Cambridge Congestion Charge
  • We will keep pressuring the Lib Dem led County Council to FIX our roads
  • Keep Council Tax low, and keep delivering great services
  • Continue to support the Council’s budget through East Cambs Trading Company with decisions that benefit the community
  • Keep car parking FREE in our town and city centre car parks
  • Support the Police with communications about illegal parking enforcement and speeding
  • Continue to support new and existing Community Land Trusts across the district and deliver new forms of affordable housing
  • Continue to provide funding and support for community driven projects, health services and infrastructure across the district
  • Consider the business case for a district crematorium, natural burials site and pet cemetery
  • Boost biodiversity and deliver our Environment Plan
  • Bring in black wheelie bins to improve district recycling rates even further
  • Commission further cycling and walking route studies
  • Support the case for more frequent and direct rail services
  • Keep pushing other Authorities for better bus services and transport improvements for East Cambs
2019 Manifesto
Conservatives in East Cambs have a proven track record of delivering what residents want:
  • Ely Bypass – OPEN
  • Ely Leisure Village – OPEN
  • The Hive district leisure centre – OPEN
  • Free Wifi in Ely and Soham centres – DELIVERED
  • New commuter car park at The Dock, Ely – OPEN
  • Free parking in city centre ECDC car parks – DELIVERED
  • Action on the A10 – dualling Ely to Cambridge NOW in Combined Authority delivery plan
  • Grants and funds to community projects throughout the district – DELIVERED
  • Business, jobs and skills – local businesses supported; new businesses and high quality jobs brought into the district (closer to home); apprenticeships delivered
  • Housing – championed Community Land Trusts (CLTs) that deliver truly affordable housing for local working people and proper infrastructure
  • Low Council Tax – ECDC element of Council Tax frozen for 6 years, with no cuts to services
  • Low management costs – by far the lowest of any District Council in Cambridgeshire
  • Fewer Councillors – number of Councillors reducing from 39 to 28 in May 2019
2015 Manifesto
Conservative achievements and manifesto pledges for the future include:
  • A freeze on the East Cambs element of Council Tax in 2016/17 – that’s a 0% increase for 3 years
  • Continued support for Community Land Trusts – an innovative method of delivering genuinely affordable housing for local working people, run by local people, for local people
  • A fantastic record on recycling following the introduction of wheelie bins – going from a 33% recycling rate to 54% across the District, with the aim of increasing this to 60% over the next term
  • Planning permission for the six-screen cinema and leisure centre on Downham Road, Ely, with the cinema set to open by summer 2016
  • Ensured commitment and planning permission from Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver the Ely Southern Bypass by the end of 2017
  • Got a timetabled plan for Network Rail to rebuild Soham Railway Station
  • Retained free parking in our city and town centre car parks and a promise to do the same over the next term
  • Helped to ensure the continuation of community transport ‘Dial-a-Ride’ services across the district
  • Introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which ensures up-front payments for infrastructure and services from developers
  • Introduction of a tough policy on wind farms so we can control and refuse inappropriate developments
  • Brought in new jobs and businesses to the district and encouraged start up companies
  • Supported opportunities for young people, promoting apprenticeships with local businesses and running of the East Cambs Skills Fair to introduce young people to companies