Update on the 100ft Soil Sampling – Clay or not Clay?

Readers will recall my previous report in December last year about concerns relating to the maintenance of the 100ft by the Environment Agency (EA) and the argument about whether the deposits on the side of the bank consisted of clay or not.
Hundred Foot Drain Maintenance
Hundred Foot Drain Maintenance

The EA said, at a meeting I called with them, that if clay was found to be present it would admit that it is at fault and decide what needs to be done about it.

ECDC commissioned its own independent testing, witnessed by the EA, and although we have not (at the time of writing) received the full report, the testing has concluded that the samples taken consist of “mainly clay” which will not come as any surprise to most people that have seen it!  Clearly, along with colleagues from the Internal Drainage Board, and local Parish Councillor and Vice Chairman of the Flood Action Group, Stop the Floods, we will be taking this up directly with the EA.