East Cambridgeshire is a great place to live, work and visit, but housing costs are high compared with local wages.
Back in the 1990s the District Council transferred its council housing stock to Hereward Housing which later became Sanctuary Housing who now own much of the district’s social housing.
We work closely with Sanctuary Housing to try to ensure a good service for local residents – the Housing and Community Advice Team at East Cambs District Council can help you if you are having difficulty with any aspect of your Sanctuary Housing home, or if your home is owned by a Housing Association other than Sanctuary Housing. If have you have issues that are not being resolved please also speak to your local councillor who will do all they can to help you.
Sanctuary Housing manage the Homelink system on behalf of East Cambs District Council
We encourage affordable housing, both for rent and to purchase, through a number of policies:
Soham Thrift CLT
Soham Thrift CLT
Refurbished MoD Houses, Ely
Refurbished MoD Houses, Ely
Developer Contributions

Developers of housing sites of more than 10 properties are required to deliver a certain percentage of housing as affordable homes and we ensure this happens through the planning application process.

£100k Homes

New build, 100% owned, one-bedroom properties available to buy at a discounted market rate of £100,000. Find out more

Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

We provide grants and technical support to communities that want to lead development in their village or community to deliver homes for local people and other local facilities. New homes are owned by the community and reserved for local people with ties to the community. Our community led development policy in our local plan allows CLTs to get much greater benefit for the community than normal commercial development and puts local people in the driving seat. Find out more

Palace Green Homes

We build housing, including affordable housing, directly through the property arm of our trading company, Palace Green Homes. We have built affordable homes at Haddenham CLT, Soham Thrift CLT, Barton Road in Ely and at the old MoD housing site off Lynn Road in Ely.

Our actions are based on our corporate plan priorities

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28 September 2021