Going for Net Zero at Kennett Garden Village

The plans for the community led Kennett Garden Village project in the south of our district have moved to the next key stage of the project, as the landowners and East Cambs Trading Company (ECTC) have selected Cambridgeshire based Bellway Homes to deliver the project alongside Kennett Community Land Trust (KCLT).

The development will be low density and high-quality, with new open spaces and highway improvements that were sought by local people during the planning process.  All of the parties involved are committed to deliver a near net-zero carbon development, with homes that are energy and water efficient, heated by air-source pumps, and including solar panels and electric vehicle charging.  The development will also enhance the natural environment to achieve a net-gain in biodiversity, with a range of newly created green spaces and sustainable urban drainage systems.

This development, led by local people that make up KCLT, is different and it is special.  At least 60 of the 150 affordable homes will come under the stewardship of the CLT and, just as planned, these genuinely affordable homes will be reserved first and foremost for local people with links to Kennett.  All delivery partners are incredibly excited to be part of it and I truly believe it will be a development of which the district can be proud.