Caring for your Community

I’m really excited that Community Catalysts are working in East Cambridgeshire to develop a Community Micro-enterprise project which aims to support people wanting to establish themselves to help others in their community - people that need care and support to live safely and well at home.

In essence the project is about local people helping other local people who need some support at home, in all its forms.  How they set themselves up to do that is entirely their choice – as a sole trader, or maybe with friends they can set up as a co-operative or social enterprise. 

The Community Micro-enterprise project offers free support helping people to understand how to provide the best care and support they can, as part of their own enterprise, for their neighbours and people in their community.  It would be fantastic to see people setting up in the Downham Villages.

The new Catalyst, Anna Tuck, is now in the post so please feel free to contact her to find out more. Can email her at or call on 07881 297330.

More information about Community Catalysts is available here.